Lodge Updates

The Next Meeting is on Wednesday 7th March 2018

Our next regular Craft meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th February  2018.

It will be commencing at 6:30 pm and will be a Second Degree Ceremony. The Travelling Trowel will be received from Wellington School Lodge.

Follow this link for a video about what we do

Somerset Freemasonry

In 2017 it will be the 300th anniversary of the “United Grand Lodge of England”. Somerset Freemasonry is very active within Somerset and will be having many events though out the county during the year. There are some 88 lodges in the province, so where ever you are in the county you will not be far from a Masonic Lodge. Freemasonry has for many years been shrouded in secrecy that no longer is the case there will be open days when the general public may come in to the lodge rooms and have a look around and ask questions (we have nothing to hide). The Province web site has much information about masonry if you put Somerset Freemasons in to your search engine it will take you to the web page and from there it will give you access to other lodge web sites and much information on Somerset freemasons. I will post more information when I get it my e-mail is “asec@quantocklodge4446.co.uk” if I can be of any help please contact me.

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