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During the summer recess full advantage was taken to refit and refurbish many areas of the Lodge.  The enhancements provide Fire Safety compliance, fitting of 30 minute fire safety doors for the Temple, new boiler and associated pipework and cupboards, a review of the Lodge archive and repositioning of the archive storage, redecoration of the affected areas a complete overhaul including a valued Inventory and the main project a newly installed lift which now affords the Lodge to be registered as having full disability access.

The Lodge owes a great deal of thanks to the sponsors who have declined any formal recognition for their generosity; all the contractors who carried out various aspects of the work and of course the Building Chairman Douggie Towells and Roger Biss.  The latter two have worked throughout the summer recess to ensure that when the Lodge opens for Masonic business on 17th September there is a clean, compliant and redecorated building of which we can all be justifiably proud.  There have also been of course volunteers who have given their time and offered their services. I will not name them on the grounds that I may miss someone and I do not wish to cause any upset.  They know who they are and they are all thanked for their efforts.  I am though reminded of the words of Winston Churchill (plagiarism excused) when he implied “never has so much been owed to so few by so many”

You will see from the photographs taken during the various stages of the renovations that the volume of work was quite high and to have it completed and working in such a short space of time is a truly commendable effort.  The lift/lodge will be officially opened on the 13th September 2018 at 17:30 then we will concentrate on the preparation for and the successful Installation of our Master Elect Bro Chris Crump.

The lift opening will be conducted by the Worshipful Master and this will be his penultimate duty prior to handing over to his successor. When he assumed the chair of King Solomon on 5th October 2016 I doubt if he even slightly envisaged the events that would take place during his time in Office.  We should be proud of what has been done on all our behalf’s, make full use of the facilities provided and better still “bring a friend” so they can see what can be achieved.  We now start planning for the next stage.


Work Timetable follows:-.

   Work Started                25th June

Empty Storage Room/Prepare Walls/Surfaces for Lift Installation     25th June

Plumber – Remove old boiler/pipework                                                   28th – 29th June.

Electrician                                                                                                     2nd July

Carpenter/Plasterers                                                                                   2nd July

Clear Archive Cupboard/Sort                                                                     2nd August

Lift Installation Started                                                                                6th August

New carpet fitted upstairs & in the Dinning room                              10th August

Plumber – Install new boiler/pipework                                                     13th – 15th August

Lift Installation Commissioned                                                                              14th August

Reposition Archive Cupboard                                                                   17th August

Renovate and Renovate Jewel Board                                                      2nd August – 24thAugust

Painting                                                                                                         19th to 22nd August

Clean Up                                                                                                       24th to 29thAugust

Electrician –Emergency lighting.                                                              27th August

Carpenters Fit Fire Doors/Box In new boiler                                           27th – 29th August

Work by Contractors Completed                                                               29th August

Lodge Deep Clean  Blitz-it/Aspens                                                          5th September

Bar Cleaning/Glasses washed.                                                                 6th September

Lodge Work Completed                                                                              10th September

Lift Official Opening                                                                                    12th September

Private Party                                                                                                 16th September

Standing Committee/LOI                                                                            17th September

Chapter                                                                                                          18th September

Final Rehearsal                                                                                            1st October

Prepare/lay-up dining for Installation                                                       2nd October

Installation                                                                                                    3rd October